About Us


We started making our first landing nets back in 1999 and shortly thereafter began tweaking net bow designs that would be more effective and efficient for any given circumference. Then in 2000 an asymmetrical design was sketched out and we knew we were onto something.

Over time the asymmetrical design was progressively fine tuned by researching the most common landing techniques, average water depths, the most widely used body mechanics, fish depths when landed, etc… it’s all contained in those simple bow curves.

When we were finished we knew that all the hard work had paid off. For likely the first time ever, we had created a net that was built to give the user an edge in landing fish and not just a container for holding certain sizes of fish. It was a landing net that was truly remarkable.

Over the years we have also been working on other fishing products that are real improvements or altogether new. We look forward to launching some in the near future. Rest assured that we take very seriously the challenge of creating remarkable products. It is our passion and we work very hard at it.